Kundoor is a small town in Nannambra panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Kundoor serves as an administrative headquarters of Nannambra panchayath and panchayath office which situates in Kundoor Athanikkal. Kundoor is traditionally a seat of islamic education and there exists many institutions as it is not far from Tirurangadi,  a major centre of islamic culture and education. Nowadays islamic education goes along with modern education.

Kundoor is spread on Venniyoor – Tanur road and Kundoor – Tirurangadi road. Kundoor Athanikkal is the major junction town in Venniyoor – Tanur road which is 5 kilometers away from Venniyoor town on National Highway 66 which connects Mumbai and Kanyakumari. Kundoor is reachable from Venniyoor, Tirurangadi and Tanur towns and regular bus services are available among these towns.

Panakkad Mohammedali Shihab Thangal Arts and Science College (PMST),which is a major educational institution under Markassu Saqafathil Islamiyya, Kundoor. Both Markassu Saqafathil Islamiyya and PMST Arts and Science College are situated in Kundoor Athanikkal on Tanur road. EK faction of Sunni Samastha controls both institutions while Gowsiya Dawa College and Kundoor Usthad Makham are run by AP faction of Sunnis.

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