Chethukadavu is a small and beautiful village in Kunnamangalam panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. This is a junction town from where there is access to all four directions. Chethukadavu is situated on Kunnamangalam – Mukkam road. There is a road starting from here to Mundikkalthazham, a neighborhood of Kozhikode medical college. This is the fastest and easiest road to medical college for people coming from Mukkam and Chathamangalam. There is a road which connects Chethukadavu and NH 766 ( Kozhikode to Kollegal ) in Padanilam.

Major Facts

1. Cherupuzha, one of the tributaries of the Chaliyar river, is flowing through Chethukadavu village. There is vast paddy fields on the banks of Cherupuzha. Rice is cultivated and harvested here. Cherupuzha is the major source of water for agricultural and construction projects.

2. Chethukadavu is completely an agricultural village where coconut, arecanut, banana and tapioca are widely cultivated along with rice.

3. Chethukadavu and surrounding areas have recently witnessed building and housing booms. There are many housing projects are going on here. Many small and medium housing cottages have been set up here for rental purposes.

4. Chethukadavu is a border village between Kunnamangalam and Chathamangalam panchayaths. Cherupuzha physically separates both panchayaths.

5. Chethukadavu is a Hindu majority village and there is Muslim minority community live here.

6. CPI(M), BJP and Congress are the major political parties of Chethukadavu.

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