Kottaram, Valanchery

Kottaram, Valanchery

Kottaram is an extended part of Valanchery municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. Kottaram is situated on Valanchery Pattamby road, just two kilometers away from Valanchery bus station.

Mattil Mall, Kottaram

Major Facts

1. Kottaram is a busiest shopping and business centre of Valanchery municipality. Valanchery is a major trading and business centre of south western part of Malappuram district. One of the major hypermarkets in Valanchery, Real hypermarket, is located in Kottaram.

2. Valanchery Pattamby road is passing through Kottaram. National highway 66 is just 2 kilometers away from here.

Main road, Kottaram

3. Eventhough Kottaram and Valanchery is highly urbanized, there is vast paddy fields surrounds Kottaram.

4. MES Keveeyam College, one of the prestigious college of this region is located here. The college was established in 1981.

5. Karthika Film City is one of the largest entertainment centers of Valnchery.

6. Kottaram is the strong bastion of IUML, the largest political party in Malappuram district. CPIM and Congress have also a strong presence here.

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