Dholpur-Karauli Tiger Reserve

Dholpur-Karauli is the fifth tiger reserve in Rajasthan and 53rd tiger reserve of the country. Increasing tiger population in Rajasthan and all over the country, Central Government and National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) have taken measures to expand habitat for the territory oriented big cats, as a male tiger normally requires 60 to 150 kilometres to survive and feed naturally. According to tiger senses 2023, India is home to 3682 tigers, a steady increase from 2967 in 2018. Rathambore tiger reserve in Rajasthan also witnessed an increase of 100 percent during a span of eight years. Rathambore is a renowned tiger reserve in India which has drawn attention of wildlife photographers due to easy spoting of tigers. High density of tiger population in Rathambore has forced government to seek another reserve, Dholpur-Karauli. New tiger reserve will cover an area of 4000 square kilometres from Mukundhra to Ramgarh. According to 2023 census, there are 8-10 tigers are present in the Dholpur-Karauli reserve.

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