Tirur river

Tirur river or locally known as Tirur puzha is a 48 kilometres long water stream that meanders through Tirur taluk and finally merges with Bharatapuzha near Ponnani. Tirur river originates from Athavanadu near Kanjippura on National Highway NH 66 and flows to southward direction and turns northward direction near Thirunavaya. Tirur city is blessed and watered by Tirur puzha and  Tirur draws a huge amounts of water for industrial and agricultural purposes before being discharged to Bharatapuzha.

It is widely believed that Tirur river was artificially created by king of Vettathunadu or Tanur Kingdom for inland navigation, irrigation and water supply. Once water transportation called kadathu thoni was very active in the river. Goods was transported to port and other inland areas through Tirur river. The river is flowing through Athavanadu, Thirunavaya, Tirur, Thalakkad, Thrikandiyoor, Vettom, Mangalam and Purathur areas before merging to Bharatapuzha near Ponnani. Coastal areas of Vettathunadu has been a place of water scarcity due to saline sea water intrusion into wells and Tirur river. To prevent saline water intrusion, Government had constructed a Regulator Cum Bridge (RCB). It availed more fresh water supply and prevented reaching saline water in upstream areas. But it also adversely affected natural flushing action of river and subsequently polluted water body by accumulating wastes.

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