East Kizhakkoth

East Kizhakkoth

East Kizhakkoth is a small town which lies on the southern bank of Poonoor river in Kizhakkoth panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Eventhough it is part of Kizhakkoth panchayath, it is an extended part of Koduvally municipality. East Kizhakkoth is well connected by road network. Kerala state highway 68 which connects two tourist destinations of Kozhikode Adivaram-Thusharagiri and Kappad is passing through here. East Kizhakkoth – Parakkunnu road which connects SH 68 and Nellamkandy – Elettil road starts from here.

Poonoor river, a major perennial river in Kozhikode district is flowing through East Kizhakkoth. Poonoor river physically separates Koduvally municipality and Kizhakkoth panchayath.

View of Poonoor river from Koduvally bridge

Socially, culturally and politically both Koduvally municipality and Kizhakkoth share common heritage. Both are Muslim majority areas and stronghold of Muslim League (IUML). East Kizhakkoth is traditionally a bastion Muslim League. Muslim League faced severe crisis after resigning P.T.A Raheem( senior leader of Muslim League) from the party in early 2000s. He formed new party named Muslim League (R). In 2011, P.T.A Raheem formed new party National Secular Conference (NSC) with support of CPI(M) and LDF.

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