Pannikode is a fast growing junction town in  Kodiyathoor panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is well connected by road network. Kerala state highway 34 which connects Koyilandi and Edavanna is passing through Eranhimavu town which is situated less than one kilometer away from Pannikode. Nellikkaparambu town on state highway 34 lies 2.5 kilometers east of Pannikode. Cheruvadi and Chullikkaparambu town located 2 kilometers away.

Pannikode shares border with Kizhuparamba panchayath of Malappuram district. Pannikode is a border town between Malappuram and Kozhikode. Pazham parambu hill on south separates Kozhikode and Malappuram in Pannikode. Famous airport road Nellikkaparambu – Pannikode – Edavannapara – Kondotty is passing through Pannikode town. This road allows to reach Calicut international airport in a shortest time while traveling from Mukkam side.


Pazhamparambu is a hillock view point and a major local tourist destination in Pannikode. Vast and flat hillock provide park like facilities for families and kids to sit and enjoy the winds. There are many view points on the top of Pazhamparambu. Famous Thrikalayoor temple is located nearby. Chaliyar river, a lifeline of Ernad is flowing through the southern downhill of Pazhamparambu hill. It has a magnificent view to three sides. It is believed that during Mysore attack against Malabar, Tipu Sulthan and his soldiers has used this way to reach Thamarassery.

Thrikkalayoor Mahadeva temple

Thrikkalayoor Mahadeva temple is one of the oldest temples in Malabar region. It is located 2 kilometers away from Pannikode town on the bank of Chaliyar river,Kozhikode Malappuram district border. It is a huge temple with long surrounding wall. There are four old banyan tree located on the four corners of the temple. The temple has witnessed many historical incidents in the past. In 1884 on a Christmas day, a group of criminals entered into the temple and started the atrocities. The British police stationed at the temple were not able  to suppress the attack of criminals and used dynamite first time in the history of Kerala. It was hard to shoot criminals in the temple from outside, as strong wall protected the temple. Most of the British soldiers were on Christmas holiday. Malabar district collector William Logan intervened the incident and contacted Madras Government. Finally dynamite was used to break the main front wall of the temple and stormed into the temple. The remains of the damage in the dynamite explosion still can be found there.

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