Edakkulam is a rural village in Tirunavaya grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Edakkulam is an ancient human settlement which dates back to pre-historic period and  always sustained relevant throughout the history until today. Edakkulam is part of Tirunavaya town and hosts Tirunavaya railway station which was earlier called as Edakkulam railway station. Edakkulam railway station was renamed to Tirunavaya railway station to reflect its cultural and heritage of Mamamkam, a duodecennial under the patronage of Chera, Valluvanad and Samoothiri of Kozhikode in different periods. Mamankam was one of the largest trade, cultural and religious festivals in India. Mamankam was held on every twelve years as analogous to “Kumbh Mela” in north India. Dry riverbed of Bharathappuzha near Navamukunda temple was the site of Mamankam. Most of the archeological monuments related to Mamamkam are located in and around Tirunavaya. Manikinar, Nilapaduthara, Marunnara and Changampalli Kalari are major Mamankam monuments which are preserved in and around Tirunavaya.

Tirunavaya railway station is the third largest railway station in Malappuram district and also one of the oldest in Kerala. Tirur – Tanur – Parappanangadi – Beypore railway line started March 12, 1861 and the same year a line from Tirur to Kuttippuram extended via Edakkulam. There is a cargo shed opened in Edappalam for smooth loading and unloading of the cargo. Passengers to Navamukunda temple and tourists to Mamamkam sites can use Tirunavaya railway station.

Edakkulam town attracts tourists and history enthusiasts to see the pre-historic menhir which is an upright standalone monument. It is one of the rare menhirs in Kerala which still survive despite rampant quarrying and destruction.

Edakkulam and other areas in Tirunavaya grama panchayath is one of the major centres of lotus farming in Kerala. Lotus farming has been the main profile of Edakkulam for a long time as it is surrounded by major temples. More than 800 acres of wetlands are under cultivation of lotus flowers. Lotus farming is a symbol of religious harmony and most of the cultivators are from Muslim community. Flowers plucked are transported to different temples in Kerala. Guruvayoor temple in Thrissur, Kadampuzha temple in Malappuram are the major buyers from Kerala. Flowers are transported to even outside of Kerala. Edakkulam lotus has an edge in size, colour and smell when compared to flowers in other parts of Kerala. It has always been in high demand than others.

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