Vairamkode, also spelled as Vairankode, is a small village in Tirunavaya grama panchayath of Tirur taluk in Malappuram district, Kerala. It is well known for Vairamkode Sree Bhagavathi Temple, one of the oldest and most popular Bhagavathi temples in Kerala. The village and temple are situated on Pattarnadakkavu – BP Angadi road near Pattarnadakkavu. Tirur is the nearest railway station and Kozhikode International Airport is the nearest airport.

Vairamkode and neighboring areas were once part of Vettathunadu or Kingdom of Tanur where Thunchath Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, father of Malayalam language, lived. Vettathunadu was a friendly state with Zamorians of Kozhikode and Portugese. They were great patrons of arts and culture due to peace which prevailed in the state.

Vairamkode Sree Bhagavathi Temple

It is believed that sister of Kodungallur Sree Kurumba Bhagavathi crossed Bharatapuzha and reached Azhvancheri Mana in Athavanadu (Azhvancheri Thambrakkal Vazhum Nadu). Sensing the presence of Bhagavathi, Azhvancheri Thambrakkal placed Bhagavathi in Vairamkode around 1500 years ago. Thambrakkal then was supreme authority of Brahmins in Kerala in matters of religion and rituals. Vairamkode is just 6 kilometers away from Azhvancheri Mana in Athavanadu. Azhvancheri Thambrakkal usually skip temple visit and darsan due to historical reasons. It is believed that  Bhagavathi will resurrect to show her esteem if Azhvancheri Thambrakkal visit Bhagavathi, Thambrakkal themselves place her in Vairamkode.

Azhvancheri Thambrakkal is the supreme authority of the temple and a representative, appointed by Azhvancheri Mana, look after the temple and its unique festival called Theeyattu.


Theeyyattam is a week long annual festival in Vairamkode Sree Bhagavathi Temple and it one of the largest temple festivals in terms of people’s participation. Theeyattu begins on the first Sunday of Kumbham (a Malayalam month). “Maram muri” or felling a jackfruit tree (Varikkapilavu) is the inaugural process of Theeyattu  which is done at midnight of first Sunday of Kumbham. This jackfruit tree is cut into 101 pieces and is used for Kanalattam ( a ritual of fire in which devotees walk). Cheriya Theeyattu and Valiya Theeyattu are held on Tuesday and Friday respectively. Theeyattu is concluded on Saturday. A week long Annadanam is arranged in Oottupura for devotees.

Varavu or processions are the most important attractions of Vairamkode Theeyattu in which a Varavu from Athavanadu is huge. Devotees wear costumes of Kattalan (forest dweller) and Puli (tiger) which are unique here. Bullocks Varavu is a star performance in Theeyattu. Decorated effigies of bullocks with lights and head movements attract crowd and it is believed that it is a show of gratitude to bullocks which are used in paddy fields.

Vairamkode is a village in Muslim majority Malappuram district and the temple attracts many Muslims. Vairamkode Theeyattu, which attracts huge public participation irrespective of religion and caste.

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