Elamaram is one of the small village on the shore of Chaliyar river between Kozhikode and Malappuram districts. It is located in Vazhakad panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Mavoor in Kozhikode district and Edavannapara in Malappuram district are located at a 2 kilometer distance from Elamaram.

Chaliyar, fourth longest river in Kerala is flowing through the heart of Elamaram making a natural border between two districts.

Elamaram kadavu bridge

Elamaram kadavu bridge is a major landmark in Elamaram. There is a new bridge built in 2022 with a cost of 35 crore Indian rupees. This bridge connects both Malappuram and Kozhikode districts. Before constructing new bridge, a jankar ferry service was there for transportation of passengers and light vehicles. This new bridge across the Chaliyar made easy access to Kozhikode medical college from eastern parts of Malappuram district and to Kozhikode international airport from Kozhikode district.

Elamaram and adjacent areas have vast paddy fields powered by water from Chaliyar river. Banana and rice are the major crops grown here.

Iruvanjipuzha, one of the major tributaries of Chaliyar river meges with Chaliyar at Koolimadu, a neighborhood of Elamaram.

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