Kodikkunnu is a fast growing township in Paruthur grama panchayath of Palakkad district, Kerala. It is located on Thiruvegappura – Pallipuram road. The town is well connected by roads. A road to Thrithala starts from Thiruvegappura – Pallipuram road in the town. Kodikkunnu is very close to Pallipuram where Paruthur grama panchayath office is situated.

Kodikkunnu is an agrarian village where rice is the major crop cultivated. Vast paddy fields are found in and around Kodikkunnu. This towns is situated very close to Bharathappuzha and Thoothapuzha. Thoothapuzha (Kunthipuzha) merges with Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala at Irimbiliyam, a neighborhood of Kodikkunnu. Coconut, arecanut, banana, tapioca are also widely cultivated.

There is a railway station nearby at Pallipuram. Only passenger trains stop here. Kuttipuram and Pattamby are the major nearest railway stations.

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathi temple

Kodikkunnu Bhagavathi temple is the major landmark in Kodikkunnu. Kodikkunnilamma was the eldest daughter of Muthassiarkavilamma. Once three daughters of Muthassiarkavilamma were traveling, one of the sister turned down to see a festival of Kanikkars community. Due to this misbehavior, other two sisters abandoned the sister and returned. On another situation while Kodikkunnilamma and her sister were returning from somewhere, an animal sacrifice was seen and attracted by sister. This misbehavior made by sister angered Kodikkunnilamma and abandoned the sister. This abandoned sister is believed to be known as Kodungallur Amma. Followers of Kodikkunnilamma are believed that Amma won’t tolerate her followers to reach Kodungallur Amma. Kodikkunnu Bhagavathi temple has only three Nada facing to west, north and east. There is no southward facing Nada due to the enmity with Kodungallur Amma as Kodungallur is south of Kodikkunnu.

It is believed that copper shoolam, one of the three tridents (Shoolam) of Mezhathol Agnihothri ( eldest of twelve children of Vararuchi) has kept in this temple.

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