1. Erumeli is a pilgrimage town in south eastern part of Kottayam district, Kerala. The town is situated close to Pattanamthitta border. Erumeli and Kottayam town has 50 kilometers distance and Mundakayam is located 12 kilometers away from Erumeli.

2. Millions of pilgrims to Sabarimala stop at Erumeli and perform “Petta thullal”, a religious joyfull dance to commemorate killing of Mahishi by Lord Ayyappa. There are two Shasta temples and one vavar mosque in the town where three of these religious structures are part of the Petta thullal. Petta thullal procession begins from Kochambalam(Small temple) and proceeds to Vavar mosque in front of Kochambalam and circumambulate the mosque, then heads to Valiyambalam(Big temple) through the main road. Petta thullal dance concludes at Valiyambalam. The road from Kochambalam to Valiyambalam is called the “Holy path”

Valiyambalam, Erumeli

3. Erumeli is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim harmony and tolerance in the state of Kerala. The temple and mosque face each other on the main junction of Erumeli.

4. Erumeli is well connected by roads. Buses to Mundakayam and Kanjirapally are available all the time. Government of Kerala is proposing fifth international airport to set up in Erumeli. The proposed land for the airport is in Cheruvally estate. The new airport will boost the economy of Erumeli and surrounding regions.

5. Erumeli panchayath is covered by forest more than its 40% of land area. Rubber is the backbone of the economy of this panchayath. One can see rubber plantation all over Erumeli. Erumeli is one of the largest rubber production belts of Kottayam. Kottayam is the largest producer of natural rubber in Kerala. Also state contribute more than 90% country’s rubber production.

6. Manimalayar river is flowing through Koratty, a neighborhood of Erumeli. It is a main source of water for the area. Several small streams can be seen in Erumeli carrying water through rubber plantations and finally empties into Manimalayar river.

Erumeli town
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