F-INSAS (Future Infantry Soldier As System) is India’s strategic programme to upgrade and modernise its infantry with state of the art equipments to meet future military challenges in high firepowercapability, modern communication system and personal protective equipments. F-INSAS is what an Indian soldier will look like in future. F-INSAS has been designed with a view that future infantry to be capable for an asymmetric warfare as well as conventional war. There are potential nuclear, chemical and biological threats to India as its neighbors Pakistan and mighty China possess such weapons in their arsenal.

Modernisation of infantry on par with international standard has become a necessity for a fast growing country like India while other major super powers have already designed how to look like their infantry in future. F-INSAS is aimed at increasing the operational capability of soldiers in a all-weather environment with challenges of harsh geographical terrain. F-INSAS provides soldiers modern systems that are lightweight, all-weather terrain, cost-effective and low maintenance.

AK 203 Rifles

AK 203 assault rifle is the major equipment of F-INSAS. AK 203 is the latest version in the series of legendary Soviet Kalashnikov rifles. It is a gas operated, magazine-fed rifle with a range of 300 metres. India is the first country in the world to procure Russian made AK 203 rifles. In 2022, India procured 70,000 AK 203 rifles and made agreement with Russia to manufacture 6,00000 rifles in Korwa Ordnance Factory in Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh. Korwa Ordnance Factory is a well equipped with all modern machineries and infrastructure. The agreement is based on Transfer of Technology. Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited (IRRPL), a joint venture of India and Russia is responsible for manufacturing AK 203 rifles. Rosoboronexport, Kalashnikov Concern are part of IRRPL.

F-INSAS showcases multi mode grenade which can be used defensive and offensive mode. All soldiers will be supplied ballistic helmets and goggles, multiporpose knives and bulletproof vest. The bulletproof jackets and helmets are capable of protecting soldiers against 9 mm of bullets and ammunition from AK 47 rifles. All soldiers have rifle mounted holographic sight for accurate aiming with a range of 200 metre. All ballistic helmets have a mounted night vision device for use in low-light environments. Another striking feature of F-INSAS is that each soldier will be equipped with advanced communication devices for real-time exchange of information with command and fellow soldiers. Majority of F-INSAS equipments have been sourced from DRDO, other public undertakings and private Indian companies.

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