Irimbiliyam is a small village in Irimbiliyam panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. The Panchayath is named after Irimbiliyam village. Located 7 away from Valanchery town.

Irimbiliyam is an agrarian village situated close to Bharathappuzha. The village is known for the rice cultivation. Vast paddy fields are scattered throughout Irimbiliyam and adjacent areas. Majority of the people here depend on rice cultivation and related activities for their livelihood. Bharathappuzha is the major source of water for the paddy fields. Canals and small water bodies can be found throughout paddy fields.

Valanchery is the nearest major town. Valiyakunnu, another town is located just 2 kilometers away. Irimbiliyam panchayath office, higher secondary school, primary health centre are located on Valiyakunnu Irimbiliyam road. Kuttipuram is the nearest railway station.

Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala is flowing through Irimbiliyam. Kunthipuzha (locally known as Thoothapuzha) merge in Bharathappuzha at Irimbiliyam. Mankeri, a neighborhood of Irimbiliyam, is al

Kattumadam mana

It is believed that Kattumadam mana traces back to the days of sage Parasuraman, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, by throwing his axe into the sea. Parasuraman brought nambuthiris from outside Kerala and different families were allocated different professions. Kattumadam was assigned the duties of mental health of people. Originally Kattumadam nambuthiris are from Kannur district and later family has been relocated to Irimbiliyam panchayath near Valanchery (known as Elayedath Kattumadam) and Vannery (known as Moothedath Kattumadam).

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