Mankeri is a small beautiful village in Irimbiliyam panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. It is a blend of different geographical surfaces like hills, river valleys and paddy fields.

Paddy fields in Mankeri

Mankeri is an agrarian village where rice is heavily cultivated and harvested. Rice cultivation is a major economic activity in this village. Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala is flowing through Mankeri. Kunthipuzha ( locally known as Thoothapuzha ) merge with Bharathappuzha at Irimbiliyam panchayath near Mankeri. Bharathappuzha is a major source of water in paddy fields. Coconut and arecanut are also cultivated.

A road in Mankeri

Mankeri and adjacent areas are to be believed one of the ancient pre historic settlements. Clay stones from late medieval period has been excavated from the Bullock of neighboring Vendalloor.

Mankeri is a local tourism hotspot. View of Bharathappuzha and railway line from Mankeri hill is fascinating. Rice fields provide an ideal place for evening relaxation.

Mankeri is a Muslim majority village where there is a sizable number of Hindu community. There are many mosques and temples in and around Mankeri.

A mosque in Mankeri

Mankeri is well connected by roads. Private buses are available to Valanchery and other neighboring towns. Valanchery is the major nearby town. People depend on Valanchery for major shopping and purchase. Valiyakunnu is another main town in Irimbiliyam panchayath.

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