Itwari Railway Station

Itwari Railway Station (Subhash Chandra Bose Itwari Station) is a major junction station in Itwari, a suburb of Nagpur in Maharashtra. Itwari Station (ITR) is part of Nagpur SEC railway division in South East Central Railway Zone (SECR) which is headquartered at Bilaspur. Itwari is one of the three railway stations in Nagpur city other being Nagpur Junction and Ajni station.

Itwari Railway Station rose into national prominence after being renamed great Indian freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Major infrastructure development was undergone to cater more goods and passenger traffic, as the junction is a crucial hub of connecting central India into all directions. Central part of India, which is rich in minerals like iron, bauxite and huge deposits of coal, has significant activities of mining and industries. Nagpur is a major hub in Mumbai – Kolkota train route. Itwari junction has six platforms and it is vital for freight transportation between Mumbai and Kolkota, though which mining centres and major ports are well connected. Several trains start and terminate from Itwari Station.

Itwari Station and South East Central Railway are historic due to the presence of narrow gauge railway system which is now being dismantled from main broad gauge network or converted.

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