Minnu Mani

Minnu Mani is a woman all-rounder cricketer in Indian national team. She hails from Mananthavadi of Wayanad district in Kerala and holds record of being first woman cricketer selected in Indian national team. Minnu Mani is a talented left-handed in batting and right-hand spinner who played against Bangladesh in her first debut of international cricket. During India- Bangladesh Women’s T20 series in 2023, Minnu Mani was handed over the ball in the fifth over of the Bangladesh innings. She won her maiden wicket sending back Bangladesh batter Shamima Sultana through a catch by Jemimah Rodrigues.

Eventhogh Kerala is competent in athletics and football in national and international arena, it could not boast much accomplishments in cricket, the most popular game of India. Things are now being changed  as more youngsters are enticed into cricket and more training is provided by Kerala Cricket Association (KCA).

Minnu Mani was born in a tribal family in Mananthavadi of Wayanad  which is  a backward district in Kerala. Wayanad is home to several tribals including Kurichya tribe who fought British alongside Pazhassiraja of Kerala and it has the highest number of tribals in Kerala state. As a member of lower class family, she struggled for acceptance of her parents who were not aware of the career of cricket and viewed cricket a “boy’s game”. According to her parents, Minnu played with other boys in the paddy fields of neighborhood until her teacher Elsamma found her aptitude in cricket. Minnu got the opportunity to get trained in Krishnagiri stadium in Wayanad which one and hour distance from her hometown. Krishnagiri stadium is an high altitude stadium exclusively for cricket and KCA conduct several training camps.

During 2023 Women Premier League (WPL), Delhi Capitals bid her successfully at Rs.30 lakh which was unbelievable to Minnu and her family.

Captain India Women A Team

On 24 November 2023, she was selected as captain of India Team A. New captaincy was announced ahead of the Twenty 20 cricket tournament against England team A from 29 November 2023 onwards.

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