Kadanchery is a small town in Kaladi panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Kadanchery is situated in Ponnani taluk. Thandilam, Parappuram, Kaladi, Maravancheri are the neighboring towns.

Kadanchery is well connected by road networks. Kaladi to Nariparambu road is passing through Kadanchery. The town is situated on both sides of road. Nariparambu, Ponnani and Edappal are the major towns located around Kadanchery.

Kadanchery is an agrarian village where mainstay of the people are agriculture. Almost entire economy of Kadanchery is sustained by agriculture. Vast paddy fields in and around the village, coconut cultivation are the major source of income. Recently many youths from Kadanchery migrated to Middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Qatar. Their remittances contribute and account a major share of the economy.

Eventhough Kadanchery is a Muslim majority village, there is a sizable number of  Hindus live here. Religious harmony and inter religious cooperation is very strong and deep.

Kadanchery Higher Secondary School

Kadanchery higher secondary school is one of the oldest schools in Ponnani taluk. The school was established in 1898. Landlords in Thekkedath mana in Maravancheri donated two acres of land to start school at Kadanchery. After that school was relocated to here. In 1975 school was upgraded into upper primary then into high school in 1984. In 1987, the first batch of SSLC pass out changed the school a complete high school status. In 2000  it became an higher secondary school. A separate IED building operate in the school for differently abled students.

Birthplace of T.K Padmini

T.K Padmini (12 May 1940 – 11 May 1969) was a famous Indian painter and artist from Kerala. She was born to an orthodox family in Kadanchery, Kaladi panchayath of Ponnani taluk, Malappuram district. Padmini completed her lower primary education from Kadanchery school and then joined A V high school Ponnani. Teachers in A V high school observed Padmini’s aptitude in painting and art. Her aspiration was to get admission in prestigious Chennai Government College of Fine Arts, the oldest art institution in India established by Alexander Hunter in 1850. Her family opposed this move that it was unbelievable that a girl leaving for Chennai for education in those days. Padmini approached her uncle T.K Divakara Menon and told him about her ambition. Divakara Menon urged the famous malayalam poet Edesseri Govindan Nair and he allowed her to stay his house. After completion of SSLC examination, Padmini was trained under famous artist Namboothiri.

In 1961, Padmini joined Chennai Government College of Fine Arts with assistance of Devan and Edesseri Govindan Nair. She had a good talent in learning so she finished six years course in four years as she get double promotion.

In 1963, Padmini was awarded Madras state Lalithakala Academy award for her painting Growth.

Padmini lived like a normal village woman but her decision and paintings were like a revolutionary. In 1950s even male artists in Kerala were afraid of drawing half naked body of women , but Padmini dared to draw the paintings what she wished.

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