Kadassikadavu is a cardomom plantation village in Vandanmedu panchayath in Idukki district of Kerala. This village is located on famous Kumily to Munnar state highway ( SH 19 ), 12 kilometers from Kumily and 18 kilometers from Kattappana town.

Major Facts

1. Cardomom is the mainstay of Kadassikadavu economy. Cardomom is cultivated everywhere in the village due to its geography. This village is part of Cardomom hills of Western ghat mountain system. One of the largest cardomom auction centers of the world is located in Puttady, close to Kadassikadavu. This area has an altitude of 900 meters above the sea level.

2. Kadassikadavu and adjacent areas have vast paddy fields which is a rare sightings in Idukki district. An indigenous variety of rice called “Palthoni” is grown in Kadassikadavu and adjacent areas. It is highly resistant against heavy rains or other climatic conditions and pest attack compared to other high yield varieties of rice.

3. Along with cardomom and rice, black pepper, ginger, tapioca and banana are also cultivated here.

4. Kadassikadavu and adjacent areas were the location of the proposed Idukki airport which was turned down by the Government due to heavy protest by local communities.

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