Kakkadampoyil stands as a prominent hill station in the scenic landscapes Western Ghat mountains of Kerala. Situated 50 kilometers from Kozhikode town and 22 kilometers from Nilambur, it captivates visitors with its serene beauty and refreshing atmosphere.Kakkadampoyil reigns as one of its highest points in Malabar region, with elevations ranging from 700 to a staggering 2100 meters.

Despite being a small village comprising just a single ward within Koodaranji panchayath, Kakkadampoyil exerts a significant influence over the broader area with its expansive, sparsely populated terrain. This picturesque landscape is also home to numerous tribal communities, adding to its cultural richness and diversity.

Kakkadampoyil, a charming hill station, boasts a temperate climate that remains cool even during the scorching summer months of April and May, providing respite from the sweltering heat prevalent in the lowlands. Its cool temperatures, breathtaking viewpoints, and waterfalls allure thousands of domestic tourists annually. Moreover, the region is an ideal destination for trekking, hiking, and various adventure activities. Renowned for its spice production, Kakkadampoyil is abundant in nutmeg, pepper, coconut, arecanut, coffee, cocoa, black pepper, banana, and other aromatic spices, adding to its allure and appeal.

Kakkadampoyil is currently experiencing a significant surge in tourism, with numerous resorts and hotels cropping up across its picturesque hillsides. Each resort is meticulously designed to offer visitors breathtaking viewpoints. Many boast infinity pools that overlook stunning vistas. Jeep safaris are a popular activity in Kakkadampoyil, providing tourists with access to various viewpoints, enchanting waterfalls, and aromatic spice farms. Spice farm tourism is thriving in this area, particularly renowned for its nutmeg cultivation. Kakkadampoyil and its surrounding areas boast exceptionally fertile land ideal for nutmeg cultivation. In Kozhikode, Kakkadampoyil stands out for its high concentration of nutmeg production. Poovaranthodu, located near Kakkadampoyil, is recognized as the nutmeg capital of the Kozhikode district.

During jeep safaris in Kakkadampoyil, visitors have the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of nutmeg cultivation and production. Guides and local jeep drivers provide insights into the cultivation process, from planting to harvesting, and offer glimpses into the local techniques and traditions surrounding nutmeg farming. It’s a fascinating way for tourists to not only enjoy the natural beauty of the region but also to learn about its agricultural heritage. Kerala’s nutmeg, renowned for its distinct aroma, rich flavor, and exceptional quality, commands high demand beyond its borders. The new hill highway holds promising potential to further boost nutmeg trade of Kakkadampoyil in the future. Improved connectivity and transportation infrastructure can facilitate easier access to markets, enabling nutmeg growers to expand their reach and capitalize on the growing demand for this prized spice.

With its fertile land and conducive environment, it’s no surprise that agricultural enterprises like pig farming are flourishing in the area. The growing demand for pork products and the availability of resources for pig rearing likely contribute to the success of this business venture. Traditionally, the hilly regions of Kozhikode district, including Thiruvambady, Koodaranju, and Kodenchery, have been known as significant producers of pigs.

Amusement Parks

Beyond its captivating natural beauty and established resorts, Kakkadampoyil is fast becoming a haven for family fun. Amusement parks and water theme parks are popping up, adding another layer of excitement for visitors. Two major attractions include the Kakkadampoyil Water Theme Park, perfect for a refreshing splash, and the Foggy Mountain Adventurous and Kids Park, offering a thrilling mix of adventure and entertainment for all ages.

Kozhippara waterfalls

Situatedamidst the scenic hills of Kakkadampoyil lies Kozhippara waterfalls, a captivating destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. This cascading wonder, often mistaken for a flowing river carving its path through hard rock, is a true waterfall offering a refreshing escape. While the crystal-clear waters beckon swimmers during the dry season, it’s crucial to exercise caution during the monsoon (June to November) due to strong currents and slippery rocks. Easily accessible from Kakkadampoyil town, Kozhippara waterfalls are a popular stop for jeep safaris, offering a thrilling immersion into the region’s natural beauty.

Pazhassi Caves

Shrouded in history and legend, Pazhassi Cave, located in Nayadampoyil near Kozhippara waterfalls, beckons history buffs and explorers. This network of caves, situated near the border of Kozhikode and Malappuram districts, is believed to have served as a refuge for the valiant Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja during his fight against the British East India Company in the early 1800s. A clandestine tunnel had constructed to provide a covert passage to this location, enabling fighters to evade detection by the British authorities.
Adding to the intrigue, jeep safaris  local government authorities can take you close to the caves. However, a short trek is necessary to reach the actual site. The difficulty level of the caves varies, with some offering a moderately challenging trek and others requiring a higher level of experience for skilled explorers.
Important safety precautions are essential when visiting Pazhassi Cave. Be prepared for the trek and choose a cave that suits your fitness level. A guide familiar with the area is highly recommended, especially for exploring the more challenging caves. Additionally, be aware of the possibility of encountering wild animals, including snakes like king cobras. It’s crucial to stay alert and follow your guide’s instructions to ensure a safe and enriching experience.

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