Koombara is a picturesque and scenic village in Koodaranji grama panchayath of Kozhikode district. The village traces its root from large scale migration from Travancore in the early twentith century. Koombara is a very important village in Koodaranji grama panchayath. Koombara serves as a vital link within the Koodaranji panchayath which one of the largest by area, strategically positioned at the crossroads of tourism. This charming village acts as a bridge, connecting travelers between Koodaranji town and the  hill station of Kakkadampoyil.

Winding its way through Kerala’s majestic hills, the Kerala Hill Highway, also known as State Highway 59, promises to unlock the full potential of Koombara. This ambitious multi-purpose project by the Kerala government aims to not only boost the tourism sector but also improve the lives of the many hill farmers who are the backbone of the state’s economy.
The highway, connecting Nandarapadavu in Kasaragod to Parassala in Thiruvananthapuram, will traverse Koombara town. The Kodanchery to Kakkadampoyil stretch will significantly enhance mobility for Koombara residents, making it easier to connect with other parts of Kerala. This improved connectivity is poised to unlock Koombara’s hidden tourism potentials like Pushpagiri viewpoint and Akampuzha waterfalls, attracting visitors to experience its unique charm. Shrouded in mystery and natural beauty, Akampuzha waterfalls whisper promises of vast potential waiting to be unveiled. It lies just 2.5 kilometres away from Koombara town.

Located amidst the verdant embrace of Koombara, Pushpagiri Viewpoint beckons with breathtaking panoramas. Imagine a natural balcony, a flat rock carpeted with soft grass, offering a front-row seat to the mesmerizing majesty of the Western Ghats. This tranquil haven promises serenity and unforgettable experience, making it an essential stop on any Kakkadampoyil trip.

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