Kakkayam Dam

Kakkayam Dam is a reservoir of Kuttiady Hydro Electric Power Project as well as a eco-tourism hotspot in Kozhikode district, Kerala. Along with Banasura Dam in Wayanad and Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir near in Kuttyadi river make up Kuttiady Electric Power Project. Water from the reservoir is flown to Peruvannamuzhi through tunnels and penstocks . Kuttiady Project which was started in 1972 and  has a capacity of 225 MW. After power generated, water is released to downstream Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir which is used for irrigation purposes.

Kakkayam dam which is situated in a highly sensitive part of Western Ghat mountains of Kerala. At an altitude of 750 metre from sea level, it is part of Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary which is rich in endangered species of flora and fauna in Southern western ghat. Wild elephants, deers, wild boars are frequently sighted. There are reports of tiger sightings near Kakkayam dam by tourists.

Kakkayam Dam is a major tourist destination in Kozhikode district as well as a water reservoir. Kakkayam dam and Urakuzhi waterfalls which is 2 kilometres away from dam site, are operated by KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board). Kakkayam dam is situated 50 kilometers away from Kozhikode town. Steep hairpin curve road from downhill to dam will take visitors away from usual hustle and bustle of urban environment. On the way to dam, there is a mesmerizing viewpoint which is known as Kakkayam Vewpoint. There is entry fee into the dam site. All tourists are welcomed with kids play area and restaurant.

One of the important activity here is speed boating through reservoir. Serene boating boasts of eye-catching experience of flora and fauna on the shore through a meandering ride through reservoir.

Urakuzhi waterfalls

Urakuzhi waterfalls is a stunning but dangerous cascades which falls down abruptly near Kakkayam dam in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is truly a breathtaking experience to see such waterfalls which falls into the long holes of rocks which were formed through ages by the force of water.

Urakuzhi is part of Kakkayam dam tourism. A two kilometre footwalk is required to reach Urakuzhi from Kakkayam dam site. Private vehicles are not allowed in Dam – Urakuzhi road. Kakkayam dam and Urakuzhi waterfalls are run by KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board). KSEB offers vehicle services between dam and Urakuzhi on a chargeable basis.


Known as the “Ooty of Malabar”, a place with breathtaking scenic beauty of green meadows and river water. Thonikadavu is situated between Kakkayam dam and Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir both of which are part of Kuttiady Hydro Electric Power Project, largest power project in Malabar region and third largest in Kerala.

Misty hill valley which was adorned by green carpet of lush green grass, tall trees standing here and there might be remnants of landslides which happened in the past. It is a forest turned meadows which was reshaped after the construction of two reservoirs. Though it is not that much in heights like other major tourists destinations, it attracts thousands of domestic tourists especially from Kerala and Karnataka. Thonikadavu has altitude of 750 metre above sea level.

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