Known as the “Ooty of Malabar”, a place with breathtaking scenic beauty of green meadows and river water. Thonikadavu is situated between Kakkayam dam and Peruvannamuzhi Reservoir both of which are part of Kuttiady Hydro Electric Power Project, largest power project in Malabar region and third largest in Kerala.

Misty hill valley which was adorned by green carpet of lush green grass, tall trees standing here and there might be remnants of landslides which happened in the past. It is a forest turned meadows which was reshaped after the construction of two reservoirs. Though it is not that much in heights like other major tourists destinations, it attracts thousands of domestic tourists especially from Kerala and Karnataka. Thonikadavu has altitude of 750 metre above sea level.

Thonikadavu along with Karyathumpara has been a fastest growing destination for film and album shooting, wedding photography. Tourists are blessed here to sit on the lawn and enjoy hills and mountains of western ghat that tower over the sky from long distance. Thonikadavu amazes visitors with its cool and soothing climate throughout the year except summer. Months from June to February offer its scenic beauty in its full form, but it is highly recommended to skip trips from June to August. Southwest monsoon usually sets in over around first week of June. Kakkayam dam and hills above are highly sensitive and there are lots of chances for landslides. Periods between November to February is ideal for visit.

Thonikadavu is situated 50 kilometres away from Kozhikode city. If you are traveling by train or road through NH 66 (Mumbai – Kanyakumari), Koyilandy is the nearest railway station (30 km). Those who travel through NH 766 (Kozhikode – Kollegal), also known as Bangalore – Kozhikode road, can get off in Thamarassery. There are buses running between Thamarassery and Koorachundu. Car and private vehicles can reach in Thonikadavu and has parking area. While starting from journey from Thamarassery, take a right turn to Thalayad from Ekarool, a small junction between Thamarassery and Balussery.

In a single trip, visitors can tour Karyathumpara, Thonikadavu, Kakkayam Dam and Urakuzhi waterfalls.

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