Kanchippura is a suburban area of Valanchery municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. The village which lies on National Highway 66, five kilometers away from Valanchery town on Kozhikode road. Kanchippura has an undulating topography of lowland and midland both of which are major natural divisions of Malappuram district. Major part of neighboring Athavanadu panchayath is part of lowland from where Tirur river originates while neighboring Marakkara panchayath which is part of midland Malappuram where uneven topographic terrains keep area comparatively less populated.

Valanchery is the nearest major town and commercial centre. Kanchippura is well connected by road networks and it serves as a junction where Kanchippura – Moodal bypass and Kadampuzha road starts. National Highway 66 which connects Mumbai and Kanyakumari is passing through Kanchippura and National Highway expansion has repositioned Kanchippura. Kanchippura¬† – Moodal bypass which is an alternative to travel through traffic jammed Valanchery town where traffic congestion is a regular sighting. It was also designed to to keep away from Vattappara Curve or Valavu,¬† an infamous curve which was constructed without considering road safety measures. The site is known as “graveyard of trucks and oil tankers”, where accidents and overturning of the trucks and oil tankers are a regular sightings for those who pass the road. According to locals, more than two hundred accidents have occurred in Vattappara and lost lives of 25 people.

Expansion of NH 66, making a long viaduct bridge from Vattappara to Mukkilapeedika, might reduce the importance of Kanchippura – Moodal bypass.

Kanchippura is home to sports enthusiasts and own many football and cricket turf.

Kanchippura is mainly depend on the remittances of diaspora who live in Middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Gulf boom in 1980’s, like many other places in Malabar region, changed living standard of people and new concrete houses and buildings were erected. People started to spend more in education and healthcare. Malappuram district poultry farm is situated in Kanchippura.

Ayyappanov waterfalls

Ayyappanov waterfalls is one of the impressive waterfalls in Malappuram district. It lies three kilometres away on Kanchippura – Athavanadu road. It is wider and grander in monsoon season. Water which is cascading over rocks, may not be as magnificent as other larger waterfalls in Kerala, attracts thousands of local tourists here. Rainy water which was stockpiled in vast paddy fields above, falls vertically with a silver sizzling waters into a pond which is artificially created to store water.

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