Kavumpuram is a suburban area of Valanchery municipality in Malappuram district, Kerala. It is a northern end of Valanchery town in Kozhikode road on National Highway 66. Kavumpuram is a thriving business centre where Yara Mall, one of the largest hypermarkets in Malappuram is situated. More shopping centers and restaurants are concentrated around Kavumpuram and Kozhikode road due to heavily congested Valanchery town. Pattambi road, Perinthalmanna Road and Thrissur road lack enough parking facilities when compared with Kozhikode road.

Kavumpuram and Kozhikode road accommodate many restaurants and food courts where people rush for dinner. South Indian, North Indian, Chinese and Arabian cuisines are available in restaurants. Gujarat Dhaba is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Kavumpuram.

NH 66 expansion and widening have not affected Kavumpuram, like other small towns are affected on the NH 66. New NH 66 is passing through behind the current national highway on Athavanadu side. Kavumpuram is saved from damages due to ground clearance for National Highway, as NHAI is skipping Valanchery town. New NH here in Valanchery, which is awaiting one of the longest viaduct, which starts from Vattappara to Mukkilapeedika.

Kargil Hills or Kaliyala Hills, an idyllic and lush green landscape on a low altitude hill, showcases thrilling sunrise for tourists. It is a beautiful hillock with enough spaces for visitors including a football stadium.

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