Situated in the foothills of the Western Ghats, Karamoola is a remote village in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. This charming village lies 30 kilometers from Kozhikode town, located between Mukkam and Koodaranji towns. Regular bus services connect Karamoola to the bustling towns of Mukkam and Koodaranji, making it easily accessible.

Karamoola, fosters closer ties with neighboring Koodaranji panchayath and Mukkam municipality despite its official designation in Karassery panchayath. Residents often identify themselves as belonging to Mukkam, highlighting the strong connections between the communities.The Iruvanjipuzha, a major tributary of the Chaliyar River, carves a natural separation between Karamoola and Mukkam town, with Karamoola residing on the eastern bank. Thankfully, the Mukkam Kadavu bridge bridges this gap, offering effortless access between the two. A quick five-minute drive across the bridge takes you from the heart of Mukkam to Karamoola.

Karamoola village is home to the Daruswalah Islamic Academy, a premier Islamic center under the Samastha banner. Karamoola is a muslim majority village and sizeable population of Hindu and Christian communities live in and around.

Hussain Kalpoor

Hussain Kalpoor was a wildlife recuer, forest watcher, and a snake catcher who was indeed known as Steve Irwin of Kerala. As a charismatic wildlife enthusiast and animal behavior expert with excellent knowledge of rough terrains of Western Ghat mountains of Kerala, Kerala Forest Department hired him as a forest watcher. He hailed from Kalpoor near Karamoola.

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