Koodaranji is a scenic town and grama panchayath with stunning and pictureque landscape and natural beauty. This charming town boasts stunning landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty. Situated in the hilly Kozhikode district, Koodaranji serves as a major commercial hub in the district’s southeast region. In fact, it’s one of the largest grama panchayaths in Kerala by area. While Kozhikode town itself is just 55 kilometers away, Koodaranji offers a tranquil escape for city dwellers amidst nature’s embrace.

Koodaranji, a renowned tourist destination in Kerala’s Malabar region, boasts the captivating hill station of Kakkadampoyil within its borders. Located atop the Kozhikode district, Kakkadampoyil reigns as one of its highest points, with elevations ranging from 700 to a staggering 2100 meters. This cool climate beckons tourists in droves, making tourism the second-largest source of income for the local economy, right behind agriculture. It also serves as home to many tribal communities. Kakkadampoyil, along with many villages within the Koodaranji panchayath, has a rich history marked by tribal settlements that predate later migrations.

Winding its way through Kerala’s majestic hills, the Kerala Hill Highway, also known as State Highway 59, promises to unlock the full potential of Koodaranji. This ambitious multi-purpose project by the Kerala government aims to not only boost the tourism sector but also improve the lives of the many hill farmers who are the backbone of the state’s economy.
The highway, connecting Nandarapadavu in Kasaragod to Parassala in Thiruvananthapuram, will traverse Koombara town.The proposed Kerala Hill Highway positions Koodaranji to become a thriving hub within Kerala’s hill country, mirroring the success of established destinations like Thiruvambadi. This ambitious infrastructure project, traversing directly through Koodaranji, holds immense potential to unlock the town’s hidden potential. Imagine Koodaranji as a key link, not only for the Hill Highway but also for the proposed Wayanad-Kozhikode tunnel road. This connectivity could propel Koodaranji’s growth to even greater heights.Travelers can now easily access the newly constructed huge junction near St. Sebastian’s Higher Secondary School on the Kodanchery-Kakkadampoyil stretch of the upcoming Kerala Hill Highway.

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