Kattilangadi is a village in Athavanadu grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Kattilangadi is heart of Athavanad, as Azhvancheri Mana which is is situated nearby. Azhvancheri Thambrakkal was feudal lords and titular heads of Brahmins in Kerala. PSMA Yatheemkhana or orphanage and other institutions under orphanage spearheaded education and social transformation among Muslim communities.

Kattilangadi is a major junction village which is accessible from all sides of Athavanadu panchayath. Vettichira – Kattilangadi road intersects with Kanchippura – Pattarnadakkavu road in Kattilangadi. Kattilangadi and Athavanadu panchayath have a rugged undulating topography which hinders people to access common amenities without proper paved roads.

Azhvancheri Thambrakkal

Kattilangadi is the home of Azhvancheri Thambrakkal and Azhvancheri Mana. Azhvancheri Thambrakkal is a feudal lords and titular heads of Brahmins in Kerala related to Sukapuram branch. Azhvancheri Thambrakkal were the supreme authority of Sukapuram branch of Brahmins, while a unhealthy rivalry prevailed in Kerala between Panniyoor and Sukapuram. The place Athavanadu itself reflects the authority of Thambrakkal. The word “A” in Malayalam stands for Azhvancheri and “tha” for Thambrakkal and “Va” for vazhum which means rule and “Nadu” for land. Azhvancheri Thambrakkal had been vested the power to coronate (Ariyittuvazhcha) Zamorian kings of Kozhikode and Travencore kings.

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