Nelluvai is a scienic village filled with luscious green paddy fields in Erumappetty grama panchayath of Thrissur district, Kerala. Nelluvai illustrates tourists pristine green rice fields which turns to a gorgeous hue of gold in harvesting time. Nelluvai has been an Ayurvedic heritage village for longtime and Dhanwanthari Temple which is known for its Oushada Prasadam, a religious offering which has medicinal value.

Nelluvai is situated on State Highway 50 which connects Chavakkad and Vadakkanchery via Kunnamkulam. Mangad , a small junction nearby Nelluvai provide easy access to Thrissur Medical College. Vadakkanchery and Kunnamkulam are located around 11 kilometers away from Nelluvai. Pattambi road which originates from here connects SH 50 and SH 39 (Perumbilavu – Pattambi – Perinthalmanna – Nilambur).

Nelluvai Dhanwanthari Temple

Dhanwanthari Temple in Nelluvai is one of the rare Dhanwanthari temples in the country where Lord Dhanwanthari, god of Ayurveda, is whorshipped. Lord Dhanwanthari is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the god of sustenance and protection. The temple is known as a temple of healing from sickness and thousands of devotees who suffer from sickness as well as physicians throng to Dhanwanthari Temple for salvation. Dhanwanthari Temple was also an upasana moorthi of Kuttanchery Mooss, an eminent Ashtanga Vydian from Kerala.

Mukkudi, a prasadam with Ayurvedic medicinal value is served from here which is unique in temples. Mukkudi, which is a crafted from a blend of traditional spices, is useful for digestion and other stomach ailments.

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