Koduvally is a fast growing town and municipality in Kozhikode district of Kerala. Koduvally bears the nickname “Golden city” due to the existence of more than 100 jewellery shops lining one kilometer stretch of road. In 2015 Koduvally was upgraded to municipality status along with other 27 towns in Kerala by then UDF Government. National highway 766 which connects Kozhikode in Kerala and Kollegal in Karnataka passes through Koduvally town. Most of the gold shops in jre situated on both sides of NH 766. Kerala state highway 68 (Adivaram – Thusharagiri – Kappad) is passing through Koduvally town. SH 68 from Omassery side merges with NH 766 at “Koduvally Valavu” and from bus stand area it proceeds into Narikkuni side.

Koduvally is one of the largest trading and business hubs in Kozhikode district. The town lies on strategically busy Kozhikode – Bangalore route. Kunnamangalam, Omassery, Thamarassery, Mukkam, Narikkuni, Elettil Vattoli are adjacent towns of Koduvally.

Koduvally has a strong gulf based economy. Majority of youths in and around Koduvally have emigrated to Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. Migration has started in early 1970s after the oil based economic boom in Middle East. The standard of living in Koduvally is above average as the workers sent remittances from these destinations. In the beginning of 1990s the remittance flow to Koduvally has soared. These gulf money fueled large scale residential and commercial building construction in Koduvally.

Gold City

While traveling through Koduvally, glow of yellow gold reflects from both sides of the road. Density of small and medium gold jewellery shops is very high here. It is believed that more than hundreds of gold shops are situated inside Koduvally town. Local women consider gold as a safe investment that can be sold at any time easily. Most of the gold shops in Koduvally are involved in procurement, manufacturing and designing of the jewellery. Almost every shops have gold and silver purity testing systems.

Smuggling controversy

In recent years, Koduvally monopolized newspaper headlines for wrong activities of some. Century old high density gold market in Kerala is in spotlight frequently due to gold smuggling activities. Some smugglers caught in Kozhikode international airport and Kochi international airport signals their root into Koduvally. Koduvally recieved its second nickname “Smuggling hub”. Traditionally gold coins and biscuits were the forms illegal items trafficked through airport. After series of gold smuggling, DRI (Directorate of Revenue Intelligence) has strengthened vigilance in airport. Traffickers have been innovating new smuggling techniques apart from traditional coins and biscuits bars. Traffickers have gone as far as ingesting into body and swallowing gold.

Cattle market

Koduvally cattle market is one of the largest cattle market in Kozhikode district with more than hundred years of operational history. Every Thursday cattle market is very active in Koduvally. Cattle market is situated in market road on Koduvally – Omassery road. Omassery road is known as “Market Road “. Cattle trade in Koduvally contributes a significant share to Koduvally economy along with gold business. Nowadays it is losing its importance and only minimal cattle trading takes place. Farmers, cattle traders, transporters and agents in and around Koduvally gather here every Thursday. Most of the cattles are imported from neighboring Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Cattles are also procured from local farmers. Koduvally is a Muslim majority town and most of the households here had a habit of buying meat on all Fridays. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha, Nabidinam and Ramadan month are major Islamic festivals in which meat is heavily traded and consumed. There were days in Koduvally hundreds of cattles were traded every Thursday and the number has steadily fallen down now. Eventhough cattle trading here is an unorganized activity, lacks of rupees are exchange daily.

Koduvally Assembly Constituency

Koduvally Assembly Constituency is composed of Koduvally municipality and Omassery, Madavoor, Thamarassery, Narikkuni, Kizhakkoth and Kattippara panchayaths. Koduvally assembly constituency is the stronghold of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML). Since Koduvally legislative assembly formed in 1957, UDF (United Democratic Front) candidates constantly were elected. Indian National Congress (INC) represented Koduvally in 1957 and 1960 elections. IUML dominated Koduvally since 1977 until 2006. Senior IUML leaders like E. Ahamed and C.Moinkutty have won elections from Koduvally. 2006 assembly election was a turning point of Koduvally politics. First time in the history of Koduvally, a Muslim League candidate lost election to CPI(M) led LDF (Left Democratic Front). Adv.P.T.A Raheem with support of left parties, defeated senior Congress lead K.Muraleedharan. Eventhough Muslim League captured seat in 2011 election, lost again to LDF candidate Karat Razak in 2016 election. In 2021, even in the middle of strong LDF wave, Muslim League was able to win election. Dr.M.K Muneer, son of former Kerala chief minister CH Muhammed Koya, defeated Karat Razak. National Secular Conference (NSC) led by P.T.A Raheem (a former Muslim League leader) with support of LDF made strong inroad in traditionally Muslim League bastions in Koduvally municipality and Kizhakkoth panchayath.

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