Chembikkal is small riverside junction town in Kuttippuram grama panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. This town is situated on Kuttippuram – Tirur road between Kuttippuram town and Rangattur town. Chembikkal is 4.5 kilometers away from Kuttippuram town.

Chembikkal is well connected by road and railway network. Kuttippuram – Tirur road is passing through here. Athavanad road starts from Chembikkal. Narikkulam and Pazhur are located on Chembikkal – Athavanad road. Rangattur, Pazhur, Narikkulam and Kuttippuram are the neighboring places. There is a railway crossing in Chembikkal on Athavanad road.

Chembikkal is a charming village located on the northern part of Bharathappuzha. Chembikkal has a fascinating view of Bharathappuzha and Kuttippuram bridge. It is one of the major local tourism hotspot in Kuttippuram and neighboring areas. Visitors can enjoy Nila river and its amazing sand bed provides beach like environment for local tourists. Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala has been reduced to a narrow stretch of water and many small water streams are flowing through the river in summer season especially between October to May.Trees and bushes are grown in between these streams. In monsoon season Bharathappuzha regains its full capacity.

Chembikkal is unique as it is situated between Bharathappuzha and railway line. Bharathappuzha is on southern side of Chembikkal and railway line on northern side. Railway line in Chembikkal is one of the oldest in Kerala. This railway line was constructed in 1961 when British Government extended railway from Tirur to Kuttippuram.

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