Korvi Rakshand

Korvi Rakshand is a distinguished social worker and an educationist from Bangladesh. He is well known for his JAAGO Foundation, a non-profit organization for providing high-quality education for unprivileged and impoverished children of Bangladesh.

Korvi Rakshand was awarded the 65th Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2023 in the emerging leadership category for his exceptional contributions in the field of public service and social innovation. JAAGO Foundation is the brainchild of Korvi, founded in 2007 in a small office without any furniture but a whiteboard and marker in the Rayer Bazar slum of Dhaka. He played a pivotal role in organizing a smart and hardworking team of volunteers with his unique blend of leadership qualities. His vision, foresight, and relentless drive for excellence made it possible in a country like Bangladesh, grappling with persistent challenges of poverty and inadequate infrastructure.

Korvi Rakshand is a foreign-educated, with his team of dedicated and energetic volunteers has transformed the social and education sector of Bangladesh and become one of the best non-profit organizations in the country.

Apart from education, JAAGO has shifted its focus to other topics of youth and women empowerment-related issues. Different kinds of awareness campaigns about climate change and environmental protection are conducted by JAAGO.

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