Bijuli Prasad

Bijuli Prasad, a male captive elephant from Assam, is considered as the oldest captive elephant when he died at the age of 89 in 2023. Bijuli Prasad, rescued in 1940 possessed an array of remarkable skills like defending from ivory smugglers in Assam and clearing bushes in tea plantations. Bijuli Prasad possessed a good understanding of complex social relationship of tea estates and its owners.

Williamson Magor Company, a tea estate giant, bought Bijuli Prasad in 1950s. His exact date of birth is still unknown. Oliver Sahib of British East India Company named him Bijuli Prasad. While working in Magor company, he got an extra care and became part of the family. Bijuli Prasad has never behaved in violent to employees in the estate.

Williamson Magor Company cared him until he died in 2023. A weekly health checkup and a daily food which consists of 25 kg rice, 25 kg corn and other items were provided by the company.

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