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Madavoormukku is a lush green picturesque village in Madavoor grama panchayath in Kozhikode district, Kerala. Its unique beauty of vast paddy fields on both sides of the road and a canal flowing through the paddy fields captivate the minds of visitors. Kavilummaram, Paimbalassery, Madavoor and Narikkuni are the nearby towns of Madavoormukku.

Paddy fields in Madavoormukku

Madavoormukku is well connected by road network. It lies on Koduvally – Narikkuni road of Kerala state highway 68 which connects Adivaram – Thusharagiri – Kappad. Paimbalassery – Madavoormukku bypass road is a busiest road which connects Padanilam – Narikkuni road and Koduvally – Narikkuni road. This bypass is easiest route to famous CM Makham which is located 3 kilometers away from Madavoormukku.

Paimbalassery bypass

Traditionally Madavoormukku is an agrarian village where a larger number of people depend on agriculture and animal husbandry. It has vast paddy fields with enough water resources. Rice, coconut, arecanut, banana, tapioca and yams are the important agricultural crops. After the gulf boom which started in 1980s, a huge number of youths from here have left for gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain. Nowadays remittances from gulf countries outpace income from agriculture.

Muslims are the majority community in Madavoormukku. All of them are divided into followers of different organizations like EK Sunnis and AP Sunnis. There is a sizable Hindu community here. Madavoormukku is a secular village where Hindus and Muslims have been living amicably for a long time. IUML is the dominant political party in Madavoormukku and it has huge influence here. CPI(M), Congress and BJP has presence in Madavoormukku.

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