Mission Kushal Karmi (1)

Mission Kushal Karmi

Mission Kushal Karmi is a special fifteen days training programme to improve skills of construction workers in Delhi launched by Delhi Government in 2022. The programme was launched in association with Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University (DSEU) and Delhi Building & Other Construction Workers Welfare Board.

The main objectives of the Mission Kushal Karmi are to upskill construction workers of informal sector. Delhi, the national capital and a fast growing metropolitan city, requires thousands of highly skilled laborers to run the business. Construction companies will be major beneficiary as well as workers. The companies will be able to hire skilled and trained workers inspite of hiring unskilled and untrained workers in which companies require to pay more for their training. Delhi Government has fixed a target to train 2 lakh (200 thousand) workers every year. To compensate wage loss of 15 days training period, construction workers will be provided an amount of 4200. Then Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia launched the mission in July 2022. He said that this mission will increase the income of workers upto 8,000 rupees, increase the productivity of workers by 40 percent, increase the quality of product by 25 percent and reduce the material loss by 50 percent.

Initially DSEU set up 3 training centers in Delhi. It will conduct on-the -job skill development training in the centres.

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