Murikkady is a small village and a panorama of cardomom, coffee and black pepper. Lush green and undulating terrains with spice scented aroma of cardomom make this area a heaven like region.

Murikkady village


Murikkady is just 5 kilometers away from Kumily town and 6 kilometers from Vellaramkunnu. This is part of Kumily grama panchayath of Idukki district, Kerala. This is a border village between Kerala and Tamilnadu situated just 5 kilometers away from Kerala Tamilnadu border.

Major Facts

1. Murikkady is one of the major cardomom growing area of Idukki district. This village is part of the Cardomom hills of Western ghat mountain range. Cardomom, coffee and black pepper are major crops here. Tapioca and banana are also cultivated here.

2. Murikkady is also written as Murukkady. This small village is also known as Viswanathapuram after great social activist Murikkady Viswanatha Iyer.

3. MAI school (Monkompu Aundi Iyer High School) in Murikkady is the first school in Kumily grama panchayath. Viswanatha Iyer was an estate owner of this area. Hundreds of illiterate workers were employed in his estates. They were not even able to read or sign any documents. He realised the situation of workers and established a school in 1942 with the permission of his father to prevent future generations from illiteracy. He named this school after his father Monkompu Aundi Iyer. This school was later upgraded into high school. Even students from Vandiperiyar and Vandenmedu panchayaths used to come to this school by foot for education. Viswanatha Iyer is an integral part of Murikkady and Kumily panchayath.

MAI School, Murikkady
MAI School, Murikkady

4. With the effort of Viswanatha Iyer, a post office was brought to this village.

Murikkady village

5. Murikkady is one of the main tourist destinations of Idukki district. World famous tourist destination Thekkady is located just 5 kilometers away from Murikkady. Cardomom plantations, pleasant weather and viewpoints attract tourists to here.

6. Oxygen resort, one of the major resorts of Thekkady is situated here in Murikkady.

Oxygen resort, Murikkady

7. Kumily panchayath Waste Management study research centre is situated in Murikkady. Kumily panchayath is well known for its organized waste Management system. Panchayath has won many awards.

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