Puttady is a cardomom town situated in the Idukki district of Kerala.


Puttady is situated on State highway 19 ( Kumily to Munnar ). This small town has equal distance to neighboring Kattappana and Kumily with 16 kilometers each. It is part of the Vandenmedu panchayath and Udumbanchola assembly constituency in Idukki district.

Puttady town

Major Facts

1. Puttady is a city of cardomom and black pepper. Puttady is the home of rare and high grade green cardomom. It is a bustling cardomom plantation town where cardomom is widely cultivated.

Cardomom plantation

2. Puttady is home to one of the largest cardomom auction centers of the world. Traders from all parts of India take part in the auction. Traditional and e-auction are held here. After the introduction of E-auction by Spices Board of India, better accountability and transparency in trade is visible. It also avoids manipulation likely to happen in open trade.

Cardomom auction centre, Puttady

3. Puttady hosts Spices park, a prestigious spice processing and storage park with world class facilities and a special focus on cardomom and pepper. The park was constructed by Spices board of India. Besides modern storage facilities, the Spices Park has laboratories and electronics auction facilities. There is a cleaning and grading facilities for cardomom and black pepper as both cardomom and black pepper are mainly grown in the area.

Spices Park, Puttady

4. Puttady has an undulating terrain like neighboring areas with mild valleys filled with cardomom plantations

5. Holy Cross College of Management and Technology (HCCMAT) a prestigious educational institution in Idukki district is located in Puttady. The college offer several graduation and postgraduate programs.

HCCMAT College, Puttady

6. Puttady is well connected by roads into three directions.

7. Vandenmedu community health center is situated in Puttady.

CHC, Puttady

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