Muthalam is a small village town and junction in Mukkam municipality of Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is an agrarian village where people mainly depend upon agriculture and related activities. Manassery – Thoomgampuram road and Kattangal Kambanimukku – Mutheri road intersect at Muthalam town. Manassery, a major education town which lies just 4 kilometers away from Muthalam. Muthalam is part Thiruvambadi assembly constituency and Wayanad Lok Sabha constituency.

Muthalam is slowly growing and small retail outlets and residential buildings are being set up in and around Muthalam due to influx of students in KMCT educational institutions. It has a future potential to grow as one of the residential hub for students and staff in KMCT hospitals and educational institutions. National Institute of Technology Calicut, which lies 4 kilometers west of Muthalam, which make this village as backyard of major education centers.

Muthalam has vast paddy fields and rice is grown in monsoon season. Banana and other vegetables are cultivated in the paddy fields after rice harvest.

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