North Karassery

North Karassery

North Karassery also known as Karassery junction is a vibrant fast growing town in Karassery panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. Eventhough it is located in Karassery panchayath, it is widely regarded as a suburban of Mukkam municipality. River Iruvanjipuzha physically separates Mukkam municipality and North Karassery town.

North Karassery is well connected by road networks. Kerala state highway 34 which connects Koyilandi and Edavanna passes through the town. Both Anayamkunnu road and Karassery road starts from junction. Karassery panchayath office is situated here.

North Karassery is the administrative and commercial headquarters of Karassery panchayath.


River Iruvanjipuzha is the lifeline of North Karassery and adjacent areas through which it is flowing. It originates from Vellarimala in Wayanad district and merges with Chaliyar river at Koolimadu. Iruvanjipuzha shores are highly fertile region and banana are widely cultivated.

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