pang south

Pang South

Pang South is a small village in Pang area of Kuruva panchayath in Malappuram district, Kerala. Pang is a large area inside Kuruva panchayath. Different places in Pang use the word Pang before its name. Pang Chendi, Pang Bhaskarapadi, Pang Ambalaparambu are the major places in Pang area.

Pang South is well connected by roads. Pookkattiri to Padapparambu road is passing through Pang South. It is the easiest route to Malappuram and Manjeri from Valanchery and Kuttipuram. Pang South is a beautiful and picturesque countryside where there are many hills and paddy fields. It has an undulating terrain of sloping hills where rubber is widely cultivated. Coconut, arecanut, banana and other vegetables are cultivated. Pang region is becoming a new tourism hotspot in Malappuram. Unpopulated and undiscovered regions attract many irban people to this area. Farm tourism is a booming business in Pang.

Pangil Ahammed Kutty Musliar

Pangil Ahammed Kutty Musliar was a great Islamic scholar, reformer, orator,organizer and founder of Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema, a powerful sunny Muslim body which controls thousands of mosques and madrasas in Kerala and outside.

He was born in the year of 1888 during the British era at Pang in Ernad taluk of Malabar district (Currently in Malappuram district of Kerala). He completed his Islamic education from Baqiyathu Salihath Arabic College and Latheefiya Arabic College from Vellore, Tamilnadu. Ahammed Kutty Musliar started Dars ( Islamic teachings ) in Mannarkadu until Malabar rebellion breaks out in Ernadu and Valluvanadu taluks. He actively participated in non-violence freedom struggle against British Government. He was against the way of Ali Musliar, a freedom fighter during Malabar rebellion. Pangil Ahammed Kutty Musliar propagated non violence and asked Ali Musliar to abandon the path of violence to achieve freedom. After the Malabar rebellion. In 1924 he was invited to take over famous Tanur Islahul Uloom Arabic College.

After the suppression of Malabar rebellion, muslims in Malabar district faced severe British atrocities and arrests. Pangil organized Muslims and established Samastha Kerala Jamiyuathul Ulema in 1926. He was offered the first president position by Ulemas. But he rejected the offer and suggested Varakkal Mullakkoya Thangal as the first president of Samastha. After demise of Varakkal Mullakoya Thangal in 1932, Pangil was selected as the second president of Samastha. He was a islamic writer and has authored many books.

Zaitoon International Campus

Zaitoon is a an educational centre under Zaitoon Foundation. It has separate campus for boys and girls. Girls campus is located at Pang.

Wafa Campus, Pang South

Wafa Campus in Pang South is the headquarters of Coordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC). CIC is an academic and administrative body of the colleges affiliated to it. CIC is looking after the colleges run by Samastha Kerala Jamiyyathul Ulema of EK faction of Sunnis. Currently it has 96 colleges including 36 women only campus.

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