Perashanoor ( Perassannur)

Perassannur is a small village in Kuttipuram panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. Perashanoor is a vast village spanning from Kuttipuram to Valanchery through Bharathappuzha basins.

A view from Perashanoor

Major Facts

1. Perassannur is situated between Kuttipuram and Valanchery at an equal distance of four kilometers.

2. Eventhough this village is in Kuttipuram, most of the people depend on Valanchery due to easy access to the town by bus.

3. Perassannur was part of erstwhile Valluvanadu kingdom, a medieval kingdom which spanned over present day Malappuram and Palakkad districts.

4. Perassannur is on the bank of Bharathappuzha, second longest river in Kerala after Periyar. Bharathappuzha is the main source of water for this agrarian village.

5. Perassannur and adjacent areas have vast paddy fields which is the mainstay of local economy. Paddy field encroachment is comparatively low here. There is a water stream flowing through paddy fields which empties in to Bharathappuzha. A check dam has been built to store water for agricultural purposes. Rice and other vegetables are widely cultivated here.

6. Rice, coconut, arecanut, tapioca and banana are the major crops cultivated here. Animal husbandry especially cattle is a main activity here due to the availability of dried stem of paddy plants which is a favourite cattle feed.

7. Perassannur has recently become a small tourist spot because of it vast paddy fields which is disappearing from Kerala villages. Some local tourists are attracted to here the paddy fields and Bharathappuzha.

8. A railway line passes through Perashanoor village and there is a railway station here. Only local passenger trains stops here.

Perashanoor railway station

9. Private bus and autorikshaw are the main mode of transportation.

10. Perashanoor is a Muslim majority village and there is a sizable number of Hindu community. Many mosques and temples are located here.

11. Perashanoor has an undulating terrain of hilly areas and paddy fields.

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