Painkannur is a small village in Kuttipuram panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala.

Major Facts

1. Majority of Painkannur is situated in Kuttipuram panchayath but a small portion is part of Valanchery municipality. The people have easy access to Valanchery than Kuttipuram. Painkannur is situated between Perassannur and Mukkilpeedika.

2. There is private bus service to Kuttipuram and Valanchery. Autorikshaw transportation is also available.

3. Painkannur and adjacent areas have vast paddy fields where rice is cultivated and harvested. Rice is the backbone of the local economy. Land encroachment is comparatively low here.

4. Painkannur village is very close to Bharathappuzha, the second largest river in Kerala. It is the major source of water for the area. There is a water stream flowing through the paddy fields and empties to Bharathappuzha has been obstructed by a small check dam.

5. National highway 66 ( Panvel to Kanyakumari ) passes through Mukkilpeedika, a neighborhood of Painkannur.

6. Painkannur is a Muslim majority village and there is a substantial amounts of Hindu communities live in and around the village.

7. Eventhough this is an agrarian village , remittances from Middle eastern countries are the main source of income. Hundreds of young men have sought jobs in Gulf countries.

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