Poolakode is a village in Chathamangalam panchayath of Kozhikode district, Kerala. The village is located just 1 kilometer away from Kattangal town on Kattangal – Mavoor road.

Poolakode is considered as part of Kattangal town as it is very close to it. People in Poolakode depend Kattangal for all business activities.

Poolakode is one of the old cultural, religious and educational centre of the area. GLPS school is one the oldest schools in Chathamangalam panchayath. This school was established even before national independence. It is believed that “gurukula” educational system was prevalent in this area and this school was evolved from this system. Students from long distances used to come here for education.

Vishnu Narasimha temple, a premier religious centre of the area is situated in Poolakode.

Poolakode is located close to National Institute of Technology Kozhikode (NIT). NIT hostel complex is just 300 meters away.

MVR Cancer research centre, a premier Cancer institute in Malabar region, is situated just 3 kilometers away from Poolakode.

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