Poonoor river

Poonoor river

Poonoor river is a perennial river which is originated , flown and emptied inside Kozhikode district. It originates from a place which is close to Urakkuzhi waterfalls and Churathode waterfalls near Kakkayam dam. It got its name after Poonoor town through which it is flowing. Initially the river is flowing though forest areas and then enter into densely populated areas of Kozhikode.
Poonoor river passes through 14 grams panchayaths , Koduvally municipality and Kozhikode corporation. At Kozhikode corporation it merges with Korapuzha river.

Poonoor, Koduvally are major town through which river passes through. Illegal construction, sand mining and other river encroachments makes serious environmental concerns. CWRDM (Centre for Water Resources Development and Management) has undertaken surveys to identify any encroachment. Social and environmental activists have carried out several river reviving programmes to clean the river.

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