Pulloorampara is a picturesque and scenic hilly migrant village which is situated 40 kilometres away from Kozhikode city. Pulloorampara is situated in Thiruvampady and Kodanchery panchayaths, but majority of the village which is in Thiruvampady panchayath on the eastern coast of Iruvanjipuzha which separates both panchayaths. There is a distance of 8 kilometres to Thiruvambady and to Kodenchery.

Iruvanjipuzha, the lifeline of this hilly village meanders through the valleys of Western Ghat mountain hills. Village roads in Pulloorampara are blessed to hear soothing music of gurgling of unhurried flowing Iruvanjipuzha which attracts many locals and natural enthusiasts in neighborhoods to here. The sky touching St.Joseph Church is the major landmark which marks the migration and functions as a hub of socio, cultural and religious activities of the locality. Christians constitute half of the population while Hindu and Muslim communities share a quarter each.

Tourism of pulloorampara

Calmness and tranquility are the major characteristics of Pulloorampara and adjacent areas where urban folks look for relaxation and rejuvenation from their busy and stressful life. River in Pulloorampara offers varieties of activities. Arippara waterfalls in Iruvanjipuzha is the major waterfalls in the hilly area next only to Thusharagiri falls which lies 15 away from Pulloorampara.

Arippara Waterfalls

Arippara waterfalls is a unique river tourism hotspot in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It lies in Thiruvambady panchayath between Pulloorampara and Anakkampoyil. It offers green scenic beauty of surroundings, trees on both shores peep into river over huge rocks and small pools are scattered around which is suitable for bathing and fun water sports like jumping. Water in the river is too cold and underwater current is stronger while surface looks calm and quite. Arippara is one of the dangerous accident-prone tourism spots. District Tourism Promotion Council has displayed warning boards at different locations to prevent drowning and slippery which caused many deaths and injury.

Kayaking Centre

Iruvanjipuzha in Pulloorampara along with Chalipuzha in Pulikkayam offers ideal spot for kayaking and other adventurous water sports. Malabar River Festival which is also known as White water kayaking championship, is held every years on August during monsoon season. One kilometre long down river kayaking is the most interesting and adventurous of all competitions and unique titles of “Rapid Raja” for fastest in men’s category and “Rapid Rani” is delivered to fastest women kayaker. Along with Malabar River Festival, International Kayaking Championship is also held in the site. In 2023 Malabar River Festival, candidates for Paris Olympics 2024 were also selected from festival. Paddlers from all over India and  the world participate in the competition.

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