Sahasralinga is a Hindu pilgrimage centre in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka which is known for its thousands of shivalingas which were carved out of rocks under the river of Shalmali which is a tributary of Gangavali. It is a breathtaking experience to see such a large number of shivalingas which are submerged under river water during monsoon season. Months of November to May is ideal time to visit Sahasralinga, and  in the months of April and May looks parched and dry while November to January offers shivalingas sightings as well as flow of river.

River Gangavali and its origin river Shalmali, both of which originates from the Western Ghat mountains. Sahasralinga is situated in Sirsi taluk of Uttara Kannada district. Sirsi town and Yellapur town, both of which are access points to Sahasralinga. There are regular bus services between Sirsi and Yellapur (SH 93 Khanpur – Talaguppa). Autorikshas are available to Sahasralinga site from Bhairumbe bust stop.

It is a mystic experience to witness such shivalingas in floating water in a serene place of jungle. There is a small bridge across the Shalmali river nearby the sight of shivalingas and other sculptures.

Many shivalingas and other sculptures have been facing damages through centuries, as muds, rocks, uprooted trees and chunks of building materials accompanied by heavy rain and winds create damages to the sculptures. Idols of Hanuman, Ganapati, Nandikesha along with nagas, monkeys and elephants are all carved out of rocks in the river.

The story of Sahasralinga

King of Sirsa dynasty, Sadashivarayavarma (1678 – 1718) was very sad because he had no children. The guru of the palace asked him to build a thousand Shiva lingams. After that, it is believed that he built these shivalingas. It is believed that after that a child was born to him.

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