Urakuzhi waterfalls

Urakuzhi waterfalls is a stunning but dangerous cascades which falls down abruptly near Kakkayam dam in Kozhikode district, Kerala. It is truly a breathtaking experience to see such waterfalls which falls into the long holes of rocks which were formed through ages by the force of water.


The word “Urakuzhi” was formed from two Malayalam words Ural and kuzhi. Ural is a man-made home utensils from rock or mortar to grind grains and other seeds. Kuzhi means holes and the holes in Urakuzhi seems to look like “Ural”.

Urakuzhi is part of Kakkayam dam tourism. A two kilometre footwalk is required to reach Urakuzhi from Kakkayam dam site. Private vehicles are not allowed in Dam – Urakuzhi road. Kakkayam dam and Urakuzhi waterfalls are run by KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board). KSEB offers vehicle services between dam and Urakuzhi on a chargeable basis.

Urakuzhi waterfalls is situated in the rigid forest of western ghat mountains of Kerala. The area is rugged The area is rich in flora and fauna. There is a presence of many rare species of birds and flowering plants. There are more than 500 species of plants including medicinal plants and some of them are endemic to southern western ghat mountains. 34 kilometers of forest area around Kakkayam dam is protected . Wild elephants, wild boars, deers are widely found nearby. Vicinity of Urakuzhi waterfalls offers good eco tourism potentials. The area is part of Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary which is a rich hotspot of fauna, Flora, waterfalls, dams. Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread across Chakkittappara and Koorachundu panchayaths of Kozhikode districts.

Urakuzhi waterfalls is situated in Koorachundu panchayath, one of the largest hilly panchayaths in Kerala. Tourists are blessed to see Kakkayam dam, Kariyathumpara and Thonikadavu tourist destinations in a single trip along with Urakuzhi.

Safety Warning

It is essential to ensure all safety measures to keep our family members happy and joyfull throughout our trip. All tourists should strictly follow warning signs and guides directions. Urakuzhi is a dangerous waterfalls and eventhogh steel fences have been erupted to prevent fall, people tend to cross fences and reach edge of waterfalls. Any kind of slippery is risky and lead to death. According to the guide who look after Urakuzhi waterfalls, it is the only waterfalls in Kerala where rescue operation is not possible due to nature of waterfalls and terrain.

Comrade Rajan and Urakuzhi

It is widely believed that dead body of P. Rajan, a student of Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology), was thrown into Urakuzhi waterfalls. Rajan was arrested on 1 March, 1976 during national emergency from the hostel of his college. Then he was shifted to Kakkayam police camp. There he was tortured to death by six policemen.

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