Thandilam is a village in Kaladi panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala. It is situated on Kaladi – Nariparambu road in Ponnani taluk.

Thandilam is an agrarian village. Majority of the people depend on agriculture for livelihood. There is vast paddy fields in and around Thandilam. Rice,coconut, banana, yam are the major crops cultivated in this area. Illegal land encroachment and filling of paddy fields are not here when compared with other places. Nowadays, a large number of youths have migrated to Middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and their remittances are a major source of income. Gulf money is the backbone of many development and residential construction in Thandilam.

Thandilam is a Muslim majority village and there is a sizable Hindu community live here. IUML and CPI(M) are the major political parties. Thandilam is a ward in Kaladi grama panchayath.

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