Thottathinkadavu is one of the earliest migratory settlement small village town of Mukkam municipality in Kozhikode district,Kerala.

Thottathinkadavu town


Thottathinkadavu is located 30 kilometers east of Kozhikode city in the foothills of Western ghat mountain. This is a border village between Mukkam municipality and Thiruvambady grama panchayath. This town is situated between Omassery and Thiruvambady.

Eventhough Thottathinkadavu is located in Mukkam municipality, socially and culturally this village is more associated with Thiruvambady grama panchayath. Thiruvambady is the largest migratory town in Kozhikode district. History of Thottathinkadavu is rooted with Thiruvambady. People from central Travencore state, especially people from eastern part of Kottayam district commenced large scale migration to Malabar region in the early twentieth century. Most of the families in the Thottathinkadavu are descendants of these migrant families.

Iruvanjipuzha, a major tributary of Chaliyar river flows through Thottathinkadavu. The river originates from Vellarimala in Wayanad district and joins with Chaliyar river at Koolimadu in Kozhikode district. Iruvanjipuzha separates Mukkam municipality and Thiruvambady grama panchayath in Thottathinkadavu.

Iruvanjipuzha in Thottathinkadavu

There is a bridge in Thottathinkadavu built across the Iruvanjipuzha. This bridge provides transportation between Thottathinkadavu and Thiruvambady

Thottathinkadavu bridge

Thottathinkadavu has almost all three major religions of Kerala, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity.

CPI(M), Congress and IUML are the major political parties.

Overflowing Iruvanjipuzha during monsoon

Thottathinkadavu is a major rubber producing area of Kozhikode district. Rubber is the mainstay of Thottathinkadavu economy. Black pepper, coconut, arecanut, tapioca and banana are also widely cultivated here.

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