Valiyakunnu is a fast growing township in Irimbiliyam panchayath of Malappuram district, Kerala.

Major Facts

1. Valiyakunnu is situated on Valanchery – Koppam road. It is the main business and commercial centre of Irimbiliyam panchayath. The proximity to Valanchery municipality make Valiyakunnu a fast growing busy town.

2. Valiyakunnu is a junction town from where there are roads to all four directions. The western road is to Irimbiliyam village where Panchayath office and Community health centre located. East road connects Valiyakunnu and Pookkattiri in Edayur panchayath. The main Valanchery – Koppam road is passing through the heart of Valiyakunnu.

3. Valiyakunnu is situated on Malappuram side of Malappuram – Palakkad border. Palakkad border is just 3 kilometers away from Valiyakunnu.

Pookkattiri road, Valiyakunnu

4. Valiyakunnu is situated in the midst of vast paddy fields that stretch through the valley of Bharathappuzha. Rice is the major crop in and around Valiyakunnu and in Irimbiliyam panchayath. Majority of the farmers here depend on rice related activities.

5. Bharathappuzha is flowing through Irimbiliyam panchayath. Kunthipuzha ( locally known as Thoothapuzha ) merges with Bharathappuzha at Irimbiliyam.

6. Valiyakunnu and Irimbiliyam are part of Kottakkal legislative assembly constituency and Ponnani Loksabha Constituency.

7. Valiyakunnu is a Muslim majority area and there is a significant amount of Hindu community. IUML and CPI(M) are the major political parties in Valiyakunnu.

Kattumadam mana

It is believed that Kattumadam mana traces back to the days of sage Parasuraman, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, by throwing his axe into the sea. Parasuraman brought nambuthiris from outside Kerala and different families were allocated different professions. Kattumadam was assigned the duties of mental health of people. Originally Kattumadam nambuthiris are from Kannur district and later family has been relocated to Irimbiliyam panchayath near Valanchery (known as Elayedath Kattumadam) and Vannery (known as Moothedath Kattumadam).

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